• Repair, Restoration and modernization
  • Adding and replacement of elements
  • Introduction of new technological elements

Refitting a vessel involves a series of activities such as the repairing, restoring and the upgrading of a Yacht.

What we do is add or replace some elements of the Yacht, like the deck or the propeller or customize in order to improve and meet the owner’s needs. We can also restore worn and poorly kept parts and introduce more modern elements in order to improve the navigation, the performance or the fuel consumption.

The changes we make may affect only a part of the boat, like the construction and installation of a roll bar on the flying bridge, but they could also affect the structure of the whole craft, as an extension of the same, or construction of beaches z-drive and other works with a more visual and structural impact.

A highly specialized firm in the design of both civil and military boats, allows changes to be made to the crafts guaranteeing the same standard of performance of the yacht, respecting the regulations, and benefiting from the professional help of the RINA inspectors.

Every modification that creates room for improvement in terms of aesthetics, use of space and comfortability of the new technologies, is carried out respecting all of the guidelines, trying to maintain the true character of the yacht as much as possible, of its builder and manufacture year, without undermining its spirit and elegance.


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