The Group

Carrara Yacht Service s.r.l.

The Carrara Yacht Service s.r.l. founds its roots on the 20 years’ experience of the “T&P Costruzioni Nautiche", born in the 1978 thanks to Roberto Tonelli and Bernardo Pezzica, who, merging their experiences working with other shipyards, decided to start building wooden and fiberglass recreational craft .
Numerous collaborations with some of the best italian shipyards (Cantieri Navali Sanlorenzo, Cantieri Perini Navi, Cantieri Ilver, Cerrimarine, Monaco Boat Service, Boat Service Rapallo, Cantiere Intermarine e Levi Boat) allowed the T&P to specialize in various areas of recreational boating, such as models implementation and prints of both hulls and fiberglass accessories, soon showing their excellence in the shipyard field.

The important accrued experience gave the Carrara Yacht Service, that today still co-operates with some of the main and best firms in the nautical field, the competences to provide their clients with consultations and a continuous service that covers the whole Mediterranean area , allowing them to reach boats displaced in various ports and prompt repair services or the withdrawal of the same ones during the winter break.

After years of continuous growth, the company operates on a covered surface of 4000mq, and an external square of 4000mq, able to hold up to 35m long boats, close to Porto di Marina Carrara, only 1.5 km far from where the haulage and the boats launching happens.

Provided with sophisticated systems, the Carrara Yacht Services is able to supply both the clients and the shipyards, with complete boat set up, using our excellent skills in woodwork and in building plant in general.



The practicality of our actions and the constancy of the Carrara Yacht Service srl comes from values that draw their strength from experience

the importance of the client

The CYS considers the client to be the absolute core of our company.

Our primary objective is to anticipate and recognize,in an innovative and proactive way, our customers’ needs and wishes.


The CYS has very solid and strong foundations thanks to our partners and professionals who helped us be autonomous and independent.

Continuous improvement

We pay a lot of attention to new technology and discoveries, attending or looking at international Boat shows taking place every year and nautical fairs, in order to be inspired and test new ideas and techniques to apply in the nautical field.