The main objectives of fire prevention are essentially to reduce life risks, for the yacht and for the environment by preventing and to prohibiting the development of fires and explosions, by supplying ready-made tools and means for this purpose, for the control and suppression of the fire, but also safety runoff for the people on board.
The Carrara Yacht Service makes available a whole range of tools for monitoring, maintaining and certifying of fixed equipment on board of fire protection systems Co2 (low and high pressure), permanently installed foam fire-fighting systems, permanently installed fire protection watermist systems, smoke detection systems, powder fire suppression system, air quality check, therapeutic oxygen control.


Assessment and ranking of the stability and flotation.


The RINA certificate is a huge examination of the hull, of the engine room and of the main equipment on board. The RINA certificate shall carry out the findings mainly after the haul of the boat or at the end of a dismantling period in a port or in storage.


The owner's manual is a document that a CE marked boat shall have, as required by the recreational boating Code (D.leg.vo 171/2005).

The manual is a worthwhile aid for a conscious navigation on board, the manual within holds details of the boat, equipment provided or suitable, it's installations and their use and maintenance.

The manual is an appropriate measure to help the ship-owner to operate safely and cheerfully.

naval experties

Naval expertise of second-hand or new boat, certified technical assessments, legal expertise, expert's report, insurance reports, evaluation reports, leasing, arbitrations.
We are also concerned here about the Osmosis, delamination and marine claims, naval valuation, ultrasound and thermal imaging inspections.

change flag

Italy has ratified the Montego Bay Convention, in this way has become possible for any European citizen register it's boat from the register of any acceding state by allowing the navigation in international waters, without any limitation.

class certificate

The Boats are classified to figure out if they are able to perform their service and to establish which kind of navigation they may carry out and to distinguish between deterrents types of boat.