Admiral: Construction of an aluminum swim platform

This important project saw its development for the primary purpose of freeing the flying bridge space moving lower the yacht’s tender.
That’s how we saw the opportunity of building a 7×3 mt aluminum swimming platform firmly anchored to the transom.

Our works involved changing the stern openings, the aft peak and the access door to the cockpit; we also replaced the flaps with 4 HUMPREE on the transom.
We also placed in the aft peak a very small PIN-CRAFT crane with a high load and outreach capacity for the tender hauling.

It was also decided to create and level a new teak surface with SIKA black rubber seams and place new removable saddles in order to accommodate the tender.
This allowed us to free some space on the flying bridge, made the tender haulage and launching much easier and create a new very comfortable swimming platform provided with retractable hydraulic bathing ladder.

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